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    Sagemax NexxZr T Z95-22mm

    Product Number: #B502454
    NexxZr T A1 Z95-22mm 698214
    NexxZr T A2 Z95-22mm 698215
    NexxZr T A3 Z95-22mm 698216
    NexxZr T A3.5 Z95-22mm 698217
    NexxZr T A4 Z95-22mm 698218
    NexxZr T B1 Z95-22mm 698219
    NexxZr T B2 Z95-22mm 698220
    NexxZr T B3 Z95-22mm 698221
    NexxZr T B4 Z95-22mm 698222
    NexxZr T C1 Z95-22mm 698223
    NexxZr T C2 Z95-22mm 698224
    NexxZr T C3 Z95-22mm 698225
    NexxZr T C4 Z95-22mm 698226
    NexxZr T D2 Z95-22mm 698227
    NexxZr T D3 Z95-22mm 698228
    NexxZr T D4 Z95-22mm 698229
    NexxZr T OM1 Z95-22mm 698230
    NexxZr T OM2 Z95-22mm 698231
    NexxZr T OM3 Z95-22mm 698232

    Sagemax NexxZr T Z95-22mm

    Strong preshaded zirconia that comes in 16 Vita Classic Shades and 3 bleach shades. Indicated for single crowns to full-arch bridges, with 1,270 Mpa of strength . Available in a variety of thicknesses for Wieland Zenotec®, Röders, Organical®, ZirkonZahn®, Amann Girrbach Ceramill® machines and the discs can fit most open systems as well.

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