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    SR Ivocap Pressure Apparatus

    Product Number: #530610

    SR Ivocap Pressure Apparatus

    An Ivocap Pressure Apparatus for use with the SRIvocap System.

    The SRIvocap System produces highly accurate methylmethacrylate-based dentures with a unique injection system. After mixing, the material is injected into the flask under pressure. Controlled polymerization cures the material from the anterior to the posterior of the denture. As the denture base material shrinks during curing, the shrinkage is compensated by additional material that is continually injected into the mould. The result is a superior fit since the polymerization shrinkage was eliminated. This prevents raised bites and spherical deformation. Time-consuming adjustments can be virtually eliminated.


    • Produces excellent consistent, porosity-free dentures
    • Unique pre-dosed capsule processing system

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