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    Product Number: #687680


    The UTS CAD is a recording device for determining the angle from the occlusal plane to the Camper‘s plane and from the occlusal plane to the bipupillary line.

    These measured angles or deviations in the occlusal plane from CE / BP can be transferred to the "Digital Denture Professional" add-on, whereby the correct virtual position of the occlusal plane for the design of the prosthesis is reproduced.

    • Material metal parts: anodized aluminum, stainless steel
    • Material side arms: CFRP composite material, NBR (nitrile rubber)
    • Adjustment options: CE angle + 20 ° to -30 ° | BP angle: +/- 15 ° ∙
    • Base arch leg length: 200 mm
    • Base arch width: front 155 mm, rear 225 mm
    • Weight: 98 g (including bite fork)
    • 1 x UTS CAD basic sheet
    • 1 x 3D bite fork

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