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    Telio CAD LT 98.5-25mm

    Product Number: #B601253
    Telio CAD LT BL3 98.5-25mm/1 686309
    Telio CAD LT A1 98.5-25mm/1 686310
    Telio CAD LT A2 98.5-25mm/1 686311
    Telio CAD LT A3 98.5-25mm/1 686312
    Telio CAD LT A3.5 98.5-25mm/1 686313
    Telio CAD LT B1 98.5-25mm/1 686314
    Telio CAD LT B3 98.5-25mm/1 686315
    Telio CAD LT C2 98.5-25mm/1 686316
    Telio CAD LT D2 98.5-25mm/1 686317

    Telio CAD LT 98.5-25mm

    Telio CAD discs are made from a highly cross-linked PMMA material. While ideal for the production of temporary crowns, bridges and implant restorations, Telio CAD can also be used for the fabrication of therapeutic restorations in the treatment of TMJ problems and in functional diagnostics. Due to Telio CAD’s durable shade stability, low affinity to plaque, and life-like fluorescence, these temporary restorations allow full-contour crowns and bridges to be created that are comfortable to wear as well as esthetic.

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