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    Wax Press 98.5 20mm

    Product Number: #B601209
    Wax Press Beige 98.5-20MM/1 689087
    Wax Press Grey 98.5-20MM/1 689093
    Wax Press Brown 98.5-20MM/1 689099
    Wax Press White 98.5-20MM/1 689105

    Wax Press 98.5 20mm

    Think of unity. Compatibility. A perfect symbiosis between a strong and smoothly milled wax pattern, and a premium hand wax for harmonious post-milled adjustments. The technical benefits of Wax Press are not all - while it's milling, you'll also enjoy one of the most enticing scents in the world; Madagascar Vanilla. Totally compatible hand Addition Waxes complete the system with a premium modeling wax keyed both in color and adaptation.

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