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    PrograPrint PR5

    Engineered to meet dental needs

    PrograPrint is a 3D printing system that is specially designed for dental applications. The system is integrated into a validated workflow, consisting of a range of materials, software and equipment for printing, cleaning and post-curing.

    The PrograPrint PR5 3D printer, equipped with the specially developed Light Engine, is the centerpiece of the PrograPrint system. The printer is tailored to the requirements of dental applications and is extremely easy to use while providing high-precision printing.

    The Light Engine is equipped with a high-quality LED light source. The materials are cured by UV light with a wavelength of 388 nm. This light curing is key to reliable print results. The high precision and light intensity is made possible by continuous automatic calibration. The Light Engine was developed on the basis of the DLP process and has a high resolution of 4 million pixels.

    High Precision thanks to:
    - 4 million pixel resolution (49 μm pixel size)
    - 50-100 μm layer thickness
    - Consistently high light intensity due to automatic calibration

    - Specially developed Light Engine
    - Clean and easy-to-use material cartridge
    - Contactless RFID material recognition
    - Intuitive operation via touchscreen